NYS 2017 Housing Market Recap- How Our REALTOR members Make it Local!

As part of our partnership with the New York State Association of REALTORS, Inc. based in Albany- our local Southern Adirondack REALTOR, Inc.  association based in Queensbury, NY and its MLS provide critical housing market data at the local level which is compiled into a comprehensive picture of the housing industry statewide and to provide that in the context of the national industry as a whole.  But there is more to this than just DATA! 

Our over 500 REALTOR members pride themselves on their professionalism and the ability and skills they bring to the forefront to assist consumers with buying and selling of real estate in their “backyard”.  Our REALTOR members USE DATA to provide important and easy to digest information to their clients to better help them with decision making.  Setting a price for your house, deciding how fast you need to pounce on making an offer, or deciding if the asking price is a good one….are all part of how a REALTOR uses their local data knowledge and interpretation skills to assist consumers through this process.  These are big decisions and local, flesh and blood REALTORS are the professionals there to help!

The NYS association has just released their year end, 2017 housing market report which can be viewed here.

Our SAR Realtor members take our unique monthly Southern Adirondack MLS specific data and hone down information that is valuable to you, the consumer and where you want to buy or sell.   They have the tools and know how (from being a member of our local Southern Adirondack REALTORS association) to provide consumers with the data that will mean the most to them–whether they are selling a house in Glens Falls or looking to purchase a get-a-way cabin deep in the Adirondack forest.  Looking for a REALTOR in your area?  Use this simple link to search by town, name, brokerage, etc.